When you receive a Twitch Drops rewards, you must first claim it from the Twitch Inventory
and then press the "Receive" button in the Inventory at the bottom of this page to claim the reward.

How Twitch Drops Works

Works List
  1. Works Stage1 Connect your Kakao Games account to Twitch to activate Drops.
    Log into your account.
    Log into your account.

    "Twitch Drops Inactive"

  2. Works Stage2 Watch ELYON Twitch streams
  3. Works Stage3 Complete Goals and Receive Rewards

    Rewards can be claimed from the inventory at the bottom or from your Twitch Drops inventory.

  4. Works Stage4 Complete


Inventory List

    You do not have any items received


Event Notice
  • – The event is available for players from both platforms (Kakao Games and Steam).
  • – The 1-hour, 3-hour, 5-hour, and 7-hour rewards can be obtained only once during the entire event period.
  • – The 1-hour, 3-hour, and 5-hour rewards can only be used during CBT2. The 7-hour reward will be for when the game officially launches.
  • – The 1-hour, 3-hour, and 5-hour rewards expire when CBT2 ends. The 7-hour reward will be provided through a web coupon before the game is released.
  • – The 1-hour viewing reward (CBT2 Access) will grant access to the game through both the Kakao Games website and Steam.
  • – In order to be able to claim the 3-hour, 5-hour, and 7-hour rewards, you must claim the previous rewards from the Drops page on Twitch. For example, in order to claim the 3-hour viewer reward you must first claim the 1-hour reward (this also applies to viewers who have a 2nd CBT access). Once you claim a reward, then your viewing time will be counted towards the next reward.
  • – You can claim Twitch Drops rewards through the Inventory in the Drops page. The CBT2 Access reward will be applied immediately to your account, and Steam access will be provided as a key found at the bottom of the Inventory.
  • – Game items can be claimed from the Inventory in the Drops page. Once claimed, the items can be found in your in-game Gift Box.
  • - How to use the Steam coupon:
    1. Log in to the Steam application
    2. Click "Activate a product on Steam" in the "Game" menu at the top
    3. Enter the key into the "Product Code" area