Updates MAR 16. 2022
Patch Notes - March 16, 2022

Server Merge

  • You can no longer enter the World if you own more characters than the available number of character slots due to the server merge.


[Celebrating Commander's Training Field]

Event Period

March 16 (after maintenance) - March 30 (before maintenance)

Event Details

To celebrate the addition of Commander’s Training Field, an additional reward will be given when participating in the form of a badge!

You will obtain [Event] Training Field Badge x8 upon victory, and [Event] Training Field Badge x4 upon defeat or draw.

The tokens will only be available during the event period, and can be exchanged for the following items:



Purchase Limit

Required Coins

Legendary Armor Enhancement Reset Scroll x1




Legendary Weapon Enhancement Reset Scroll x1




[Account] Unstable Weapon Enhance Stone x1




[Account] Unstable Armor Enhance Stone x1




Epic Reset Scroll Selection Box x1




100 Honor Points x1




[Account] Refined Enhance Stone Selection Box x1




Honor Token x10





[It’s a wonderful World]

Event Period

March 16 (after maintenance) - March 30 (before maintenance)

Event Details

World Quest events will be held for a period of two weeks. Participate to obtain United World Quest Coin and [Event] Harth World Quest Box.

United World Quest Coins can be exchanged for:



Weekly Limit

Unstable Catalyst



[Bind] Epic Set Weapon Fixed Enhance Stone



[Bind] Epic Set Armor Fixed Enhance Stone



Legendary Reset Scroll Selection Box



Epic Reset Scroll Selection Box



[Event] Small Luminus Box



Dimensional Portal (daily) Usage Time Increase Potion



Safe Enhancement Tool



[Furniture] Classroom Desk



[Furniture] Classroom Chair



[Furniture] Classroom Blackboard



[Furniture] Classroom Table



The rewards included in the [Event] Harth World Quest Box are as follows:



Safe Enhancement Tool


Legendary Moment of the Steal Equipment Selection Box


Radiant Succession Stone Fragment


[Event] Level 3 Transc. Runestone Selection Box


[Event] Dull Luminus Box


[Event] Small Luminus Box


[Account] Unstable Enhance Stone Selection Box


Dimensional Portal (Daily) Usage Time Increase Potion (3 Days)


  • Fish Rock

    • 100 participants will compete on Sky Isle.

    • The participant who catches the heaviest fish will win.

  • Aerobatic Flight

    • A glide race will take place at the Foothold.

    • The participant who obtains the largest amount of jewels will win.

  • Monster Attack

    • Defeat the Guardian of the Forest and the Guardian of the Sea!

    • The participant who deals the largest amount of damage will win.

  • The Great Piñata Party

    • Break the piñata!

    • The participant who deals the largest amount of attacks will win.


[Vigorous Growth Box]

  • Event has ended, related items have been disabled. 

Class Balance

[All Classes]

  • You can now be hit by Transcendent skills even when you have the Damage Nullification effect from the Maestro Black Anvil equipment.



  • Changed how Lightning Strike works.

    • Increased the Energy consumption of "Opportune Lightning Strike" skill attribute to 100. Also, given the 20% Electric Magic DMG increase due to Power increase, Energy consumption was increased from 25% to 60%, duration from 8 sec to 10 sec, and 1 stack will be removed when the duration ends.

    • A 50% decreased cooldown will be applied upon using the "Focused Lightning Strike" Skill Attribute.

  • Ground-Targeted effect will be applied when a sphere generated from Voltfield's "Hurled Voltfield" Skill Attribute explodes.

  • Increased the cooldown decrease of Frostfall applied upon using Lightning Storm's "Balanced Lightning Storm" Skill Attribute from 20% to 40%.

  • Increased the duration of the "Stuck Fast" effect applied upon using Ice from 2 sec to 4 sec, and decreased MOV SPD and ATK SPD by 3%.

  • Decreased the chance of obtaining the "Frost Spear" effect applied upon using Ice from 100% to 50%.

  • Changed how Frost Bash works.

    • 1 Frost Spear stack gain was added for hits made from the "Displacing Frost Bash" Skill Attribute.

    •  1 Stuck Fast stack gain at a 10% chance was added for hits made from the "Active Frost Bash" Skill Attribute.

  • "Stuck Fast" will be applied upon using Frostshot.

  • Decreased Frost Strike's Power from 303 to 272.

  • Increased the DMG Taken decrease of Frost Armor's "Icy Prison" effect from 35% to 45%.

    • Added the "Finishing Smite" effect to Frost Colossus and a 50% increased cooldown will be applied upon using the "Havoc Frost Colossus" Skill Attribute.

  • Increased the duration of the "Voltage Mark" effect applied upon using Electric Discharge's "Measured Electric Discharge" Skill Attribute from 6 sec to 8 sec.

  • Increased the Power of the "Burn" effect applied upon a successful Fire skill from 5 to 10.

  • The "Clouds of Fire" effect applied upon using Fire can now be stacked up to a max of 7 stacks and the Fire Magic DMG will increase by 3% per stack.

  • Changed how Fiery Bash works.

    • Decreased the duration of Fiery Bash's combo skills from 3 sec to 1 sec.

    •  The "Burst" effect whereby ATK SPD increases by 30% for 0.7 sec will be applied using the skill.

    •  The "Burst" effect will not be applied upon using Fiery Bash's "Displacing Fiery Bash" Skill Attribute.

    • Changed Fiery Bash from being a Non-Piercing Projectile skill to being a Piercing Projectile skill.

  • You can now acquire the "Clouds of Fire" effect whenever Firehawk's "Accelerated Firehawk" Skill Attribute hits a target.

  • You can now acquire 2 "Clouds of Fire" effects when the following Skill Attributes hit a target.

    • Frost Colossus's "Altered Frost Colossus" & Frost Strike's "Altered Frost Strike"

  • You can now move while piercing through enemies upon using Lightning Torrent's "Altered Lightning Torrent" Skill Attribute.

  • Increased the duration of Firebloom's "Firebloom" effect from 5 sec to 8 sec.



  • Changed how Obliteration works.

    • You can now use Obliteration while having obtained 3 or more Brands.

    • Changed the skill conditions and the skill Power displayed to 280/350/420 to match the actual values.

    • You can now use Obliteration only when Brand is at 5 stacks.

    •  Removed the cooldown of Obliteration's "Charged Obliteration" and "Pervasive Obliteration" Skill Attributes.

    •  Decreased the cooldown of "Flashing Obliteration" and "Shocking Obliteration" Skill Attributes from 9 sec to 3 sec.

  • The size of the projectiles fired will now be doubled and 2 projectiles will be fired upon using Shadow Bladestar's "Pervasive Shadow Bladestar" Skill Attribute.

  • Changed how Shadow Dance works.

    • Increased the skill Power from 85 to 102 and decreased the cooldown from 12 sec to 8 sec.

    •  The "Stiffen" effect will now be applied to NPCs only.

    •  The "Stun" effect will now be applied when hit by Shadow Dance 5 times.

  • Increased the movement of Shadow Split's "Accelerated Shadow Split" Skill Attribute from x1.4 to x1.7.

  • Increased the Dodge increase upon using Execution's "Altered Execution" Skill Attribute from 350 to 600.

  • Dodge will now increase by 350 when Counterattack hits.

    • Dodge will not increase even if Greatwheel Shredstar hits when using the "Displacing Counterattack" Skill Attribute.



  • Changed Honing Shell's "Transcend" effect to "Bullseye."

  • The "Agile" will now be applied upon using Combo Shot's "Rushed Combo Shot" Skill Attribute.

  • Decreased the skill cast delay applied upon using Arced Mortar's "Displacing Arced Mortar" Skill Attribute by half.

  • Decreased the tracking projectile power of Speed Shot's "Hurled Speed Shot" Skill Attribute from 78 to 68.

  • Decreased Piercing Mortar's Power from 789 to 679.

  • Shock Removal will now also be applied to the returning skill when using Explosive Leap's "Combined Explosive Leap" Skill Attribute.



  • You can now obtain 1 Vigor at a 10% upon being hit. (Cooldown: 2.5 sec)

  • Increased the DMG Taken decrease applied upon using Rampage from 50% to 60%.

  • Removed Blade of Blood's "Vigor Consumption" effect and increased its Power from 146 to 190.

  • Removed the "Vigor Consumption" effect of Soaring Sword's "Altered Soaring Sword" Skill Attribute and decreased the activated Blade of Blood's Power to 20%.

  • Removed Blood Drain's "Vigor Consumption" effect and increased its Power from 8x11 to 10x11.

  • Decreased the Barrier generated upon using Blood Drain from being 50% of max Vitality to being 40% of it.



  • Increased Gale Dash's move distance by 2m and decreased the move distance increased upon using the "Altered Gale Dash" Skill Attribute from x2 to x1.5.

  • Added an explanation about cooldown being removed to Gale Dash's "Agile Gale Dash" Skill Attribute.

  • Decreased Energy consumed upon a successful Windforce Arrow from 10% to 5%, and Energy consumed upon a successful Enhanced Windforce Arrow from 20% to 10%.

  • Added a 2% decreased Critical Hit Resistance to the "Debilitated" effect which is applied when Rapidfire hits.

  • The Crowd Control Immunity effect will now be removed and Tenacity will be added when the "Enhanced Gale" effect of Hurricane Leap's "Balanced Hurricane Leap" Skill Attribute is being applied.

  • The Wind Trap skill's Support Wind Trap Skill Attribute HP Recovery was reduced from 20% to 15%.

  • The Snipe skill was changed like the following.

    • A 'Block' effect was added to the Snipe skill.

    • A 50% increased Critical Hit Rate was added for hits made from the Balanced Snipe Skill Attribute.

  • The amount of MOV SPD decreased from the Slowdown effect for the Multishot skill was reduced from 80% to 70%.

  • The Multishot skill was changed like the following.

    • The Heal Reduction effect was changed from a 50% reduction to a 100% reduction, and can now be cleansed.

    • Using the Measured Multishot Skill Attribute will no longer consume Windforce Arrows or Windforce Arrow: Enhancement charges, and the Multishot skill's Power reduction effect changed from 20% to 40%.

Rune Attributes


  • The Sensory Enhancement Rune Attribute can now always detect stealthed enemies within 12m, and will now always be active instead of only activating upon combat.

  • The MOV SPD for Pixie (from the Pixie Summon Rune Attribute) was increased by 40% compared to before.

  • Increased the Cooldown for the Energy Field and Steel Field Rune Attribute from 30 sec to 60 sec.


  • Max Character Level has been increased to 52.

    • EXP Gain decrease will not be applied upon achieving level 50, but upon achieving level 52.

    • You can equip up to 3 Transcendent Runestones upon achieving level 51, and up to 5 Breakthrough equipment upon achieving level 52.

  • A Pirate Ship Fighting Tournament World Quest has been added.

    • Characters Lv. 46 or higher and Item Level 700 or higher can participate. A minimum of 5 players and a maximum of 12 players can participate.

    • During the tournament, all other players become your enemies. You can obtain points by defeating enemies or by surviving for a long time.

  • A new RvR World Quest has been added.

  • Characters Lv. 46 or higher and Item Level 700 or higher can participate. A minimum of 5 players (max of 10 players) from each Realm can participate.

  • The Vulpin's Giant Manamechs and Ontari's Hover Tanks battle at Rubypearl Forest. Each realm can claim victory by defeating all of each other's Giant Manamechs or Hover Tanks.

  • Players can get points by defeating enemy characters, Hover Tanks, Giant Manamechs, or Guards. After the World Quest ends, players can obtain rewards according to their points accumulated.

  • When reviving from death, players can get a buff depending on the amount of Giant Manamechs or Hover Tanks remaining. The fewer the remaining, the stronger the buff will be.

  • The more participants there are, the higher the HP and DEF will be for the Giant Manamechs and Hover Tanks. When there is only one Giant Manamech or Hover Tank remaining, the amount of DMG received will greatly decrease for a certain amount of time.

  • An object which gives you bonus points appears when you defeat a player who has defeated multiple players consecutively. Anybody can pick this object up.

  • After a certain amount of time has passed, objects which provide recovery effects will appear (ATK, DEF, Cooldown Reduction, HP recovery effects).

  • Heaven's Castle is now available.

    • Heaven's Castle is a Neutral Zone, therefore can be accessed by both the Vulpin and Ontari at the same time.

    • Located in the castle are various NPCs and a Dimensional Portal for Akanum Fierce Combat Zone.

  • Added Radiant Succession Stone Fragment to the Growth Material Shop.

  • The Laurel Wreath Piece Exchange shop has been changed as follows:


Pieces Needed

Daily Limit

Transcendent Stone



Sandy Foothills Reward Box Key



100 AP Recovery Potion   



Dimensional Seed Selection Box  



Exploration Journal x10


Random Item 1

Refer to the table below

Random Item 2       

Random Item 3     



Pieces Needed

Daily Limit

Random Item 1

Succession Stone Fragment



Enhanced Epic Weapon/Armor Cube



Scattered Equipment Fragment x100, x200

10, 15


[Bind] Epic Set Weapon/Armor Fixed Enhance Stone 



Hunting Gold Acquisition +30% Potion (3 Days) x1, x2 

10, 15


Hunting EXP Gain +30% Potion (3 Days) x1, x2 

10, 15


(Untradeable) Eternal Elixir of Wrath/Endurance Elixir/Elixir of Death/Protection Elixir III x3



Random Component 2

Sky Devourer's Teeth I x10, x25, x50   

5, 10, 20


Sky Devourer's Teeth II x10, x25, x50   

5, 10, 20


Sky Devourer's Teeth III x10, x25, x50

5, 10, 20


Old Fossil I x10, x25, x50

5, 10, 20


Old Fossil II x10, x25, x50

5, 10, 20


Pirate Ship's Faded Jewel x10, x25, x50  

5, 10, 20 


Random Component 3

Rare grade Apostle's Drain/Balance Ring/Earrings



Epic grade Apostle's Drain/Balance Ring/Earrings 



Rare grade Warrior's/Knight's Ring/Earrings



Epic grade Warrior's/Knight's Ring/Earrings



Wingsuit Modification

  • Wingsuit Modification items can now be crafted from the Armor Crafting Station.

  • Only Epic grade modified Wingsuits can be crafted, and DEF and Magic DEF will be increased upon modification.

  • Depending on the modification, the following functionality can be obtained:

    • Max Glide Leap Count Increase

    • Rocket Jump Cooldown Decrease

    • Rocket Jump use during combat

  • Modified Wingsuits can be enhanced with Hallunium Frames and Mana-imbued Hallunium Fragments. Mana-imbued Hallunium Fragments can add an Enchant.

  • Hallunium Gemstones can be obtained by foraging Sky Crystals and by completing Capture Ship quests.

  • There's a low chance to obtain Traces of Dimensional Mana by foraging Sky Crystals and by defeating monsters at Dimensional Portals.

  • Enhancement Fibers can be obtained by defeating Judgment Colossus, Dimensional Portal bosses, and Sky Whale captains. The Bloody Enhancement Fiber can only be obtained by defeating the Judgment Colossus and Sky Whale captain.

  • A section for Modified Wingsuits has been added to the Collection Book.

  • Fusion methods for Wrapped Hallunium Fragment, Hallunium Frame, and Mana Replacement Propellant were added to Item Fusion.

  • You can unbind modified Wingsuits by using Equipment Unbind Scrolls.


Judgment Colossus

  • A system message will no longer be shown when Judgment Colossus’ appear.

  • The system message notification for Judgment Colossus will now appear 5 minutes before spawn.

  • Judgment Colossus HP was reduced by 60% compared to before.

  • Among the five Judgment Colossus’, 3 of them will now appear at the same time.

Dimensional Portal

[Akanum Fierce Combat Zone]

  • The Akanum Fierce Combat Zone is a new Clan-based Dimensional Portal available every Sunday. Availability times can be found in the Dimensional Portal UI.

  • All players other than your Clan members are hostile targets who can be attacked.

  • Clan Gold can be obtained according to the grade of the Akanum Crystals interacted with at the Akanum Fierce Combat Zone.

  • Common and Uncommon grade Akanum Crystals are scattered on the field, but Superior and Prime crystals can only be obtained from bosses.

  • Common and Uncommon grade Akanum Crystals can be interacted with up to 5 times, Superior and Prime up to 3 times.

  • Please note that interacting with Akanum Crystals attracts nearby monsters.


[Sacredwood Temple]

  • Sacredwood Flower now appears at the location where monsters are killed instead of a random location.

  • Fixed the description of Sacredwood Flower duration shown on the minimap to match the actual duration.


[Abandoned Underground Temple]

  • Fixed an issue where conditional loot guaranteed upon meeting the drop conditions, sometimes did not drop from the boss.

  • Increased the Gold reward of the sealed boss monster from 10,000 to 30,000.


[Dragon Garden]

  • Fixed an issue where you could receive Dragon Scales by defeating enemy players at the Dragon Garden (Lv. 42 and above) Dimensional Portal.


[Forest of Ensnarement]

  • Fixed an issue where EXP gain decreased after 30 minutes of entering Forest of Ensnarement.


  • Doubled the drop rate of "Night Key Piece - Blade" from completing Party Dungeon stages 3 and 4.

Hall of Honor

[Balance Arena]

  • Equipped Equipment, Rune Attribute Points, and Skill Attribute Points will now be equalized for all players.

  • The additional skill slot will be available only if you had a Secondary Weapon with the Additional Slot Effect equipped before the match.

  • Skill Attribute Points will be set to 500, all Rune Attribute Points to 88, basic Attribute and Dodge to +30.

  • Available Effects: Summoned Luminus and Pet effects, Consumables (Elixirs, Crystals, etc.), Title effects.

  • Disabled Effects: Collection Book, Mana Awakening and Character levels not equalized.

  • Item level will not be shown in the Balance Arena.


[Commander’s Training Field]

  • A new Battlefield has been added - Commander’s Training Field.

  • This Battlefield is available from Monday to Friday for one hour daily. Availability times can be found in the Hall of Honor UI.

  • You will be transformed into a random Commander, excluding Archer. There is no damage difference with item levels.

  • Your goal is to destroy the Sacred Relic of the opponent

  • You will be promoted to Chief Commander if you defeat 3 opposing players without dying.

  • Commanders have 4 skills and Chief Commanders have 5 skills to use.


  • Fixed the description of Judge's Equipment to match their actual effects.

    • Judge's Bottoms: Removes one harmful effect applied to you upon using Shock Removal.

    • Judge's Shoes: Removes all harmful effects when hit while your HP is 30% or less.

  • Removed the purchase limit of Brilliant Lock Box and Radiant Lock Box at the Growth Material Shop.

  • The following items can now be destroyed.

    • [Bind] Epic Set Weapon Fixed Enhance Stone, [Bind] Epic Set Armor Fixed Enhance Stone, [Bind] Legendary Set Weapon Fixed Enhance Stone, [Bind] Legendary Set Armor Fixed Enhance Stone


  • The Violet Sky Powder reward for Capture Ship quests has been changed to Hallunium Gemstone.

  • Fixed the below quests where defeating opposing realm players at the border of Conflict Zones did not count towards their objectives.

    • [RvR]  Steel Highland Dominator, [RvR]  Colossus Plains Dominator, [RvR]  Dominator Beyond the Mana Wall

  • Changed the "[Guide]  Creeping Dark Energy - Chapter 2" quest at the Black Mecha Basin to not automatically move your character.

  • Fixed an issue where Ontari players could not progress "[Region Unlock] Reopened Portal" and "[Portal Unlock] Hunting Ground of Goddesses" simultaneously.

  • Fixed an issue where "[Investigation Team] Rescuing the Survivors" could not properly be progressed.


  • Item Fusion's Select Fusion Results menu has been changed to be selectable instead of the previous drop-down method.

  • Judge's Equipment Exchange NPC's icon has been changed on the Map.

  • Items registered to the Marketplace now show their Soul Stone slots and can be sorted by Soul Stone slot availability.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue where characters in the same account could not enter nor view the rewards list for Hall of Challenges if another character already progressed through it.

  • Fixed an issue where enhancing +12 or above shoes with Common Enhance Stones resulted in less Gold consumption.

  • Fixed the issue where the Inventory UI indicated that the slots could be expanded up to 168 slots.

  • Fixed an issue where the Treefolk Altar and Freezing Colossus boss monster would have an abnormally high HP.

  • Fixed an issue where item cooldown was being reset after server maintenance.

  • Fixed the issue where some skills would show the incorrect skill effects in their tooltip videos.

  • Fixed an issue where the Jar of Greed mark was shown at locations where the jar did not spawn.

  • Fixed an issue where Clan Storage records did not match actual usage.

  • Fixed an issue where there were 2 Judge's Equipment Exchange NPCs at the Sea of Ruins Foothold.

  • Fixed an issue where the Arena, Dungeon, Treasure Room, Fishing, House Ranker effects would not apply.


Known Issues

  • We're aware of an issue where Clan Gold distribution is not available. This will be resolved during the next scheduled maintenance.