Updates FEB 16. 2022
Patch Notes - February 16, 2022

Server Merge

  • Rankings are now open.

  • Clan Wars are now open.

  • Luxury Houses are now open.

  • Clan fund distribution has been paused for two weeks.

  • Certain previously announced Server Merge specifications have been changed.

    • If you have more characters than the maximum slots available, you will now also not be able to enter Dimensional Portals. Additionally, the character swap cooldown will not be applied.


[Clan Coin Shop]

Event Period

February 16 (after maintenance) - March 2 (before maintenance)

Event Details

Complete Clan Missions to obtain [Event] Clan Coins that you can use to exchange for the following items.

Item Name

Weekly Limit


Wrapped Clan Points x50



Golden Magic Stone



Concentrated Magic Stone



Radiant Upgrade Stone Selection Box



[Bind] Epic Set Weapon Fixed Enhance Stone



[Bind] Epic Set Armor Fixed Enhance Stone



Mana Awakening Reset Scroll




[Vigorous Growth Box]

Event Period

February 16 (after maintenance) - March 16 (before maintenance)

Event Details

A Playtime Reward has been added that contains items and tokens that will assist you in character growth!


  • Double Dungeon Reward Count - obtain [Event] Dungeon Reward Count Recharge Ticket x4 daily!

  • Double Dungeon Reward Rate - the reward and player number acquisition rates have been doubled!

  • Extra Dimensional Portal time - obtain [Event] Dimensional Portal (Daily/Weekly) Usage Time Increase Potion daily!


[Vigorous Growth Coin]

Event Period

February 16 (after maintenance) - March 2 (before maintenance)

Event Details

Obtain Vigorous Growth Coin x50 with your 30-minute Playtime Reward that you can use to exchange for the following items:

Item Name



[Bind] Level 6 Runestone Selection Chest



Safe Enhancement Tool



Weapon Enhancement Reset Scroll (Legendary)



Weapon Enhancement Reset Scroll (Epic)



Armor Enhancement Reset Scroll (Legendary)



Armor Enhancement Reset Scroll (Epic)



Legendary Equipment Random Effect-Changer



Epic Equipment Random Effect-Changer



Legendary Random Equipment Effect Lock



Epic Random Equipment Effect Lock



Unstable Catalyst



Unstable Catalyst Fragment



The coins can only be exchanged during the event period, and will become unusable after March 2 (after maintenance).

[Quick Growth!]

Event Period

February 16 (after maintenance) - March 2 (before maintenance)

Event Details

During the event period you will find an EXP Potion in your Gift Box that will immediately level up a character from Level 20 to Level 40. There has been no better time to try out a new class!


[All Classes]

  • PvP damage correction has been adjusted in order to prevent players from being killed by a single powerful attack.

    • This correction has been applied to Harth, Dimensional Portals, Clan Wars, Battlefields, and Arenas (excluding Balance Arena).



  • Fixed an issue where Shield Bash's Internal Explosion would deal damage to invincible targets.

  • Added a description to Shield Block's Altered Shield Block skill attribute, explaining that Block effects are negated when hit by Block skills.

  • Shield Dash, Shield Crash, Holy Shield, and Damage Absorb can now be used even while the Block effect is applied.

  • Fixed an issue where the Pulverize effect was not displayed in the skill descriptions for Shield Toss.

  • When using Shield Block's Altered Shield Block skill attribute, the skill icon's channeling mark will no longer be displayed.

  • The cooldown for Shield Block's Altered Shield Block skill attribute was increased from 30 sec to 50 sec.

  • Cyclone's Amplified Cyclone skill attribute has been changed as follows: 

    • The skill's range no longer increases. It will now be static at 12m.

    • The skill Power increase effect will now increase PvE DMG by 200%.

    • A Pull effect will now apply when hitting NPCs.



  • Fixed an issue where cooldown would not be applied when using Fiery Dash after using Firebloom's Combined Firebloom skill attribute.

  • Fixed an issue where the targeting skill effect did not apply when using Electric Discharge's Measured Electric Discharge skill attribute.

  • The baby dragon spawned when using Combustion's Unrelenting Combustion skill attribute will now receive pet related effects.

  • Revised the item description for the Pyro Necklace [Beaded Dreams] item due to displaying inaccurate skill information.



  • Fixed an issue where Sunlight's Sunlight effect would apply to some targets with Crowd Control immunity.

  • Fixed an issue where the continuous healing effect would not apply to the caster using Tidal Wave's Agile Tidal Wave skill attribute.

  • Fixed an issue where using Rootabyss's Agile Rootabyss skill attribute would apply the cooldown reduction effect to party members.



  • Shadow Rainfall will no longer grant immunity from Crowd Control and harmful effects when using the skill.

  • Fixed an issue where you could not use Toxic Spray's Combined Toxic Spray skill attribute.



  • The number of projectiles for Arced Mortar's Altered Arced Mortar skill attribute has been increased from 1 to 3 projectiles, and the Electric Field's DMG has been increased by 20% (but will only apply to NPCs now).

  • Piercing Mortar's Power has been decreased from 929 to 789.



  • When using Battle Integration's Altered Battle Integration skill attribute while the Slam skill is added to a skill slot, the Reflective Shot effect will no longer apply when getting hit while the Bladed Shield effect is applied.

  • Fixed an issue where Blood Sword's Displacing Blood Sword skill attribute would apply its effect when the distance between the caster and the connected target was farther than 18m.

  • Fixed an issue where the Imprint Release effect would stack in certain situations.



  • Fixed an issue where stackable effects would be displayed as if the effects were individually applied for Beam Arrow's Idle Beam Arrow skill attribute and Shock Arrow's Idle Shock Arrow skill attribute.

  • Removed the Stiffen effect from Multishot.

  • Increased the Dodge increase effect for Tornado's Mighty Tornado skill attribute from 300 to 650.


Rune Attributes

  • Assault 

    • Fixed an issue where the Shift Evade's Power and DMG split effect would not be applied properly when changed to an Assault Rune Attribute.

  • Control 

    • Fixed an issue where the Rear Blast Rune Attribute effect would not stack. Also, the cooldown was reduced from 15 sec to 10 sec.

  • Support 

    • Fixed Physical Enhancement, Mental Enhancement, Sensory Enhancement, and Ready Stance Rune Attributes as follows. 

      • Fixed an issue where cooldown would not be applied when ending combat after activating the Rune Attributes.

      • Added a description to the Rune Attribute descriptions which state that a cooldown will be applied when the effect ends.

  • Awakening 

    • Added a description to the Fleeting Grit, Fleeting Power, and Fleeting Passion Rune Attribute descriptions which state that a cooldown will be applied when the effect ends.

  • Fate 

    • Fixed an issue where certain effects would not disappear when using the Wheel of Fate.



  • Added an additional Enchantment Effect system. 

    • You can now add additional Enchantment Effects to equipment with an Enchantment Effect applied.

    • Additional Enchantment Effects will apply effects which were not already applied.

    • Additional Enchantment Effects have a small chance to add a Special Effect.

    • A Starlight Magic Stone is required for Additional Enchantment Effects. Starlight Magic Stones can be obtained from the Frozen City.

    • Item Fusion methods were added for the Purple Starlight Magic Stone and Golden Starlight Magic Stone.

  • The amount of Gold required when enhancing using Fixed Enhance Stone was changed as follows.

    • When enhancing only +1 due to enhancement limitations, the required Gold for the enhancement will be reduced by 50%.

Stone Type

Enhancement Limit



Epic Set Weapon/Armor Fixed Enhance Stone


1,000,000 Gold

200,000 Gold

Superior Epic Set Weapon/Armor Fixed Enhance Stone


5,000,000 Gold

3,000,000 Gold

Legendary Set Weapon/Armor Fixed Enhance Stone


1,500,000 Gold

300,000 Gold

Superior Legendary Set Weapon/Armor Fixed Enhance Stone


7,500,000 Gold

4,500,000 Gold

  • Set Enhancement Rate Aid for Epic and Legendary Set equipment were added for use during Enhancement. 

    • Amount and rate increase depends on the grade of the Set Enhancement Rate Aid.

    • Faint Set Enhancement Rate Aid can be acquired from solo/party dungeon clears, Harth field monsters, and Daily Quest rewards.

    • Radiant Set Enhancement Rate Aid can be acquired from Abyssal Night clears, Harth field monsters, and by exchanging Scattered Equipment Fragments.

  • Added achievements related to Transcendent grade equipment.

  • Added the below to the Item Fusion list. 

    • Ancient Transcendent Power Source, Judge's Crystal, Crimson Gold Magic Stone, Crimson Gold Starlight Magic Stone, Night Key.

  • Improved the Lavish Feast of Footholds as follows. 

    • The feast will now be displayed on the map when zoomed in 2 times.

    • Hovering the mouse cursor over the Lavish Feast icon will show its effects.

    • You can now differentiate between a Lavish Feast and an Empty Table.


Open World

  • Emergency Missions were added to the following conflict border hunting grounds: Blizzard Skirmish, Barren Front, and Rail of Division. 

    • When you defeat monsters from the above hunting grounds, there will be a chance for Emergency Missions to appear. Emergency Missions appear simultaneously at channels 1 and 2.

    • Emergency Missions consist of different stages (stage 1 = defeat monsters, stage 2 = defeat leader monster, stage 3 = defeat boss monster). A boss monster appears after you complete stage 2.

    • When you defeat the boss monster, you can obtain Breakthrough equipment, Gold Box, and 200 Honor Points. You also have a chance to obtain items such as Traces of Rulers or Legendary equipment.

  • The Flying Dragon Pirate Fleet will now also appear during 12:30–13:30 UTC. A notification message will appear 10 minutes before, and it will now be marked on the map.

    • The cooldown for the [Capture Ship] Sky Devourer at the Airship Dock was changed from 5 min to 15 sec.

  • The Fairwind/Steel Expeditionary Ship Transport Device was moved to the Airship Dock.

  • A device to quickly transfer you to the Airship Dock for a fee was added in front of elevators.

  • Fortress Commanders will now appear at Conflict Zones within the Mana Wall. 

    • Fortress Commander will appear at fortresses of Red Lion Plains, Azure Wolf Plains, Ancient Spring, and Machine Cradle when the region's alert reaches stage 3.

    • Fortress Commanders will be shown on the map and the Fortress amplifier will be changed to a weaker state.

    • Defeating a Fortress Commander will give you Soul Stone Slot Unlock Stone, Sealed Legendary Equipment Random Effect-Changer, and more.

    • When the alert is lifted or when 1 hour passes after the Fortress Commander appears, the commander will disappear.

    • When the Fortress Commander is defeated, the amplifier regains its power.

  • Enhancement-related item drops have been added to Harth. Each item has a certain drop chance depending on its rarity.

  • Increased the price of all Junk items acquired from Harth, excluding Conflict Zone areas and Swift Fairwind/Sturdy Steel, by 60%.


Demon System

  • The Demon system has been updated. 

    • When defeating a player or Demon from the opposite Realm, you can obtain the "Mirror of the Soul" item instead of the "Bottled Soul" item.

    • You can obtain 1 Mirror of the Soul per day, per character. You CANNOT obtain it when defeating players who are 4 levels or more lower than your level, and your acquisition opportunity will be lost.

    • Previously acquired Bottled Souls can now be sold or used through an Exchange Shop that appears on right-click. You can exchange up to 50 for Mirror of the Soul until March 2 (before maintenance).

    • Quest rewards and items required for exchanging items at the Crow Village have been changed from Bottled Soul to Mirror of the Soul. 

    • The Demon Possessed Crown can no longer be used. It can be sold or exchanged for a [Limited] Demon Disguise Mask by right-clicking.

    • The Item Fusion method for Demon Possessed Crown has been replaced with [Limited] Demon Disguise Mask.

    • [Limited] Demon Disguise Mask can only be used in the following regions. You will no longer be in a Demon state when you leave these regions.

      • Colossus Plains, Steel Highland, Red Lion Plains, Azure Wolf Plains, Ancient Spring, Machine Cradle, Land of Eternal Autumn, Barren Lake Bed, Uncontrolled Power Plant, Beast Pasture, Aureate Rest Area, Frozen Echo Hill.

    • When you try to use it in other regions, a message will appear explaining that it cannot be used.



  • Barren Front's Supply Boxes have been adjusted. 

    • The duration after the Supply Box appears has been increased from 5 min to 8 min.

    • The Locked Supply Box's Vitality has been increased by x2 compared to before, and will now apply the following effects: increased Critical Hit Evade upon getting hit, reduced DMG Taken.

  • Crashed Transport Ships have been adjusted. 

    • The Guard Captain NPC's Vitality has been increased by x2.5 compared to before.

    • A Critical Hit Evade increase effect and DMG Taken reduction effect will be applied to the Guard Captain.

  • A system message will now appear 5 minutes before Supply Boxes and Crashed Transport Ships spawn.

  • Changed the rewards for defeating Judgment Colossus as follows.

    • Daily limit has been removed.

    • The amount of Honor Points that can be obtained by players who contributed to defeating Judgment Colossus has been increased from 100 to 500 Honor Points, and you can now also obtain Bag of 100,000 Gold.

    • Has a chance to drop Three-Wheeler, Legendary Equipment Random Effect-Changer, Legendary Random Equipment Effect Lock, Radiant Succession Stone Fragment, Unstable Enhancement Stone, and Traces of Rulers.


Jar of Greed

  • Added Jar of Greed to the border of Conflict Zones (excluding starter zones).

    • Jar of Greed appears at 3 locations for a total of 6 times (18 jars) between 3:20 and 13:50 UTC every day.

    • There are no notifications, but their locations are shown on the map.

    • You become a demon when you interact with one. If you are successful in interacting with a Jar of Greed for 30 seconds, the demon status is removed and you receive "Purified Fragment of Greed".

    •  Purified Fragment of Greed can be sold for 500,000 Gold at shops.


Judge’s Equipment

  • Transcendent grade Judge's Equipment can now be acquired.

  • Advanced Blacksmiths were added to each of the Footholds for exchanging Judge's Equipment.

  • Judge's Essence can be exchanged for Judge's Helmet, Gloves, and Shoes.

  • Judge's Crystal can be exchanged for Judge's Main Weapon, Secondary Weapon, Top, and Bottoms.

  • You need to be level 50 or above to equip Judge's Equipment, and can only equip 1 at a time.

  • Judge's Equipment all have 4 Enhancement Slots, 5 Balance Runestone Slots, and 1 Soul Stone Slot.

  • Judge's Equipment can be enhanced with Unstable Weapon/Armor Enhance Stones, with a guaranteed success rate.

  • Transcendent Equipment Unbind Scrolls can be purchased from General Goods shops for 3,000,000 Gold.

  • Judge's Equipment has static effects that cannot be changed.

Equipment Type

Fixed Effect

Equipment Effect

Main Weapon

When landing the skill on an enemy whose HP is 10% or below, Executes the target with Transcend.

(999999 of Fixed DMG, only applies to PC, cooldown: 120 sec)

Min Weapon ATK 12%

Max Weapon ATK 24%

Critical Hit Power 24%

Decreases cooldown by 12%

Increases DMG by 12%

Secondary Weapon

Increases DMG by 3% and ATK SPD by 2% for 10 sec for each critical hit. (5 stacks max. Cooldown: 1 sec) Additional No. 5 Skill Slot once equipped.

Min Weapon ATK 12%

Max Weapon ATK 24%

Critical Hit Power 24%

Decreases cooldown by 12%

Increases DMG by 12%


Increases DMG by 20% for 5 sec and decreases DMG Taken by 10% upon using a TAB skill. (Cooldown: 30 sec)

Versatility 30

Critical Hit Power 24%

Critical Hit Rate 12%

Min Weapon ATK 12%

Max Weapon ATK 24%


Invincibility effect occurs for 3 sec when hit while your HP is 30% or less. (Cooldown: 60 sec)

Natural Energy Recovery 12

Critical Hit Resistance 24%

Decreases Critical Hit DMG 24%

Increases DMG by 12%

Critical Hit Power 24%


Pushes back all enemies within a 6m range and removes one harmful effect applied to you upon using Shock Removal.

Natural Energy Recovery 12

Critical Hit Resistance 24%

Decreases Critical Hit DMG 24%

Increases DMG by 12%

Critical Hit Power 24%


Decreases the target's Physical/Magic DEF by 20% for 10 sec, and increases your own Physical/Magic DEF by 20% for 10 sec when attacking an enemy. (Cooldown: 60 sec)

Dodge 30


Max Weapon ATK 24%

Critical Hit Rate 12%

Critical Hit Power 24%


Removes all harmful effects and applies Crowd Control Immunity for 5 sec when hit while your HP is 30% or less. (Cooldown: 60 sec)


Max Stamina 2400

Natural Stamina Recovery 1200

Critical Hit Rate 12%

Critical Hit Power 24%

  • Added new Item Fusion methods for Transcendent Equipment-related items.

Dimensional Portals

  • Reward for defeating the final boss of Weekly Dimensional Portals has been increased.


[Frozen City]

  • Changed the max number of channels for Frozen City to 1.

  • Invader Surveillance Drone was replaced by groups of monsters.

  • Monsters will now appear at shorter intervals.

  • The Conflict Zone is now a 3-player recommended zone. Vitality of some monsters increased. EXP, Mana EXP, and Gold from monsters increased by 1.5 times.

  • Wisp - III changed from Boss to Elite. ATK decreased by 50%. Monsters summoned by Wisp - III changed from Senior Elite to Elite.

  • You can now form parties.

  • You can now acquire Starlight Magic Stones.

  • Added a new boss event - defeat the boss to obtain Golden Starlight Magic Stone, Concentrated Magic Crystal.


[Dragon Garden]

  • Increased the HP of Evil Dragon Kartaz that appears at Dragon Garden (level 42) by 60% and increased DMG decrease. 

    • The longer the battle becomes, the more damage is dealt to Evil Dragon Kartaz.

    • 60% DMG Decrease → 90% at the start of battle + 80% after 2 min + 70% after 2 min + 60% after 2 min, then remains unchanged.


[Chaos Fortress]

  • Increased the HP of Master of Chaos Clarnot that appears at Chaos Fortress (level 45) by 400% and added DMG decrease.

  • The HP of Master of Chaos Clarnot is now visible.

  • Fixed an issue where Chaos Fortress in the Dimensional Portal UI would repeatedly show its entrance day.


[Forest of Ensnarement]

  • Removed the daily usage time. The usage time will now be reset on a weekly basis.

  • Purchase the "Forest of Ensnarement Entry Ticket" from the Entry Ticket Merchant NPC at the Forest of Ensnarement Dimensional Portal to recharge the usage time.

  • You can purchase the ticket 7 times a week per account.

  • Using the ticket adds 30 min of Forest of Ensnarement usage time.

  • When the usage time is reset, all remaining time is removed.

  • Reduced the Gold required to enter the Dimensional Portal from 35,000 Gold to 30,000 Gold.

  • You can now obtain the following items when defeating monsters:

    • Blue Magic Stone, Transcendent Balance Rune Upgrade Stone, Unstable Weapon/Armor Enhance Stone, Eternal Safe Enhancement Tool, Radiant Unstable Catalyst, Blessed Refined Weapon/Armor Enhance Stone, Superior Epic/Legendary Set Weapon/Armor Enhance Stone.

  • You can now obtain a Bag of 50,000 Gold and a Level 4 runestone instead of Level 3 runestone at a chance upon defeating Shattria.

  • Doubled the duration of the message that shows up when a goblin appears.

  • Each goblin type will have its unique effect so that it can be easily distinguished from other monsters.


[Wraith Monastery]

  • Fixed an issue where the key would not be displayed when closing the minimap while the key is being displayed on the map and activating the map again.

  • Now, if you fail to obtain the key that teleports you to Forgotten Sanctuary, the key will disappear after 3 min.

  • Now, if you fail to obtain the key that teleports you to Wailing Corridor, the key will disappear after 4 min.


[Abandoned Underground Temple]

  • Changed the max number of channels for Abandoned Underground Temple to 2.

  • Increased the monster spawn time for each hunting ground by 65%–185%.

  • Changed the boss monsters of each base as follows. 

    • The boss's Petrified state will not be immediately removed upon occupying a base, but after 1 min.

    • The details of the boss monster whose Petrified state is being removed can be seen by hovering your mouse over the mark on the minimap.

    • Greatly increased the HP of the boss monsters and increased the DMG decrease at the start of battle.

    • The longer the battle becomes, the more the damage dealt to the boss.

    • Decreased the ATK SPD by 20% and added an attack pattern, making it harder for a single adventurer to defeat the boss alone.



  • The "Enter" button from the Dungeon List UI will now always be activated. If you press this button without selecting a dungeon stage, a system message will appear.

  • Added a Stage 6 section to the Party Dugeon's "Select Stage" list. 

    • You must be at least level 48 to enter a stage 6 party dungeon and the recommended item level is 750.

  • Party dungeon rewards will no longer be differentiated by days of the week, so you can now obtain rewards that require the same conditions. 

    • Removed Rare grade set items and you can now obtain Epic, Legendary grade set equipment at a chance according to the level.

    • Removed Upgrade Stone Powder, Cleansing Stone, and Rare grade Enhancement Reset Scroll, and you can now obtain Epic Enhancement Reset Scroll at a chance according to the level.

    • You can now obtain Enhance Stones, Unstable Catalyst Fragments, and Gold Boxes at a chance according to the level, regardless of the day of the week.

  • Adjusted the HP of boss monsters based on the dungeon difficulty of stage 1–5 party dungeons.

  • You can now obtain the following items at a certain rate for each party dungeon stage. 

    • Stage 1, 2: Night Key Piece - Groove

    • Stage 3, 4: Night Key Piece - Blade

    • Stage 5, 6: Night Key Piece - Bow

    • You can trade the Night Key Pieces and "Night Key" items without limit.

  • Added the Abyssal Night dungeon. 

    • Can enter from level 47, and has a recommended item level of 700.

    • Fuse the Night Key Pieces that can be obtained at the party dungeons and consume "Night Key" to enter.

    • The Master of the Night boss has high HP and will become Enraged 2 min after combat.

    • If you fail or do not wish to clear the dungeon, interact with the object located at the dungeon entrance to retrieve the "Night Key."

    • Defeat the boss to obtain a Judge's Equipment at a low chance as well as other items.

    • Although the Abyssal Night dungeon reward is classified as a daily dungeon reward, because it is an Abyssal dungeon, you can obtain the reward only once a day.


Hall of Honor

  • You will now earn 10 Honor Points upon victory and lose 0 Honor Points upon defeat at the 2 vs 2 Arena. 

    • You can obtain a maximum of 1,500 Honor Points per day at the Arena (remains unchanged).

    • Honor Points will now be displayed in the main rewards of 2 vs 2 Arena.



  • You can now destroy Hunting EXP Gain +300% Potion.

  • You can now register Breath items that are required for summoning Breath monsters at the Marketplace.

  • The Honor Points that can be exchanged at the Crow Village and the Honor Points acquired upon defeating Judgment Colossus will now expire in 3 hours, instead of 24 hours.



  • The target recognition distance of Enraged Merakyr, Materialized Flower's Rage, and Rail Investigation Team Leader Muraka that appear in the [Conflict] Borderland Hunting Grounds was increased so that battles would not be frequently reset.



  • Decreased the amount of Gold that can be obtained from Golden Tree major success reward, and increased the major success rate.

  • Decreased the AP required for cultivating Golden Trees from 15 to 3.

  • Added "Radiant Golden Tree Sapling" to the Seed Shop.

  • Removed "Brilliantly Radiant Golden Tree Sapling" from the Orchard's Usable Tree list.

  • Improved the system messages that appear when "Help Production" is not available for certain products.

  • The dungeon will now end upon obtaining all forageables from the Secret Space, and you will be able to immediately exit the dungeon. 

    • If Porong's Secret Chest appears upon obtaining the last forageable, you will automatically obtain the reward when exiting the dungeon even without opening the chest yourself.

  • The item name "Magic Stone: Condensed Rune Magic Stone" was changed to "Concentrated Magic Stone."

  • Changed the crafting method of Concentrated Magic Stone from the Alchemy Shelf as below. 

    • The quantity of "Rune Powder" required for crafting was changed from 20 to 99, and that of "Concentrated Magic Crystal" from 1 to 5.

    • You can acquire "Concentrated Magic Crystal" at the Dimensional Portal.

    • Learn the Alchemy Expert Skill upon achieving Alchemy Expert Grade 5 or higher to craft "Concentrated Magic Stone."

  • Added the crafting method of "Sealed Magic Stone (33529)" to the Alchemy Shelf. 

    • "Sealed Magic Stone" allows you to trade "Condensed Rune Magic Stone" once.

    • You must have learned the Alchemy Expert Skill and achieved Alchemy Expert Grade 3 or higher to craft this time.



  • Fixed an issue where upon obtaining "Powerless Laurel Wreath" during the "Sacred Relic Recovery" quest, the quest mark for another Laurel Wreath was not displayed.

  • Changed the location of some "Powerless Laurel Wreaths," which are the "Sacred Relic Recovery" quest objective.

  • Fixed an issue where an undoable quest appeared at the Crow Village.

  • You will now talk to the NPC at Sunmane Foothold and Crescent Molar Foothold instead of the NPC at Red Carriage Foothold and Sea of Ruins Foothold during the "[Portal Unlock] Hunting Ground of Goddesses" quest.



  • The server name will now appear on the Create Account Name UI.

  • The connecting server will now be displayed when you press cancel while creating an account name, then create it again after selecting the option to save the most recently logged in server.


Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue where unlocking a Soul Stone Slot in certain situations temporarily made slot unlocks unavailable.

  • Fixed an issue where defeating the Enraged Pirate Captain on the Sky Whale did not give any rewards.

  • Fixed an issue where the obtainable item name from the "Demon" effect description was incorrect.

  • Fixed an issue where the skip UI did not appear at the bottom of certain videos that can be skipped.

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the item description did not appear upon hovering your mouse over the icon of the Style Outfit item that is equipped on a body part.