Updates JAN 19. 2022
Patch Notes - January 19, 2022


[Snowman's Wish]

Event Duration

January 19 (after maintenance) - February 2 (before maintenance)

Event Details

A snowman born in winter wants to feel summer before he melts away!

  • Snowman’s Invitation has been added as a 30 minute Playtime reward.
  • You can use this invitation to accept the event quest from Footholds.
  • Your task is to collect [Event] Summer Scent from the Palm Beach Resort.
  • Hand in the Summer Scent to the snowman in Footholds to obtain an [Event] Snowman's Gift Box.



[Account] Refined Enhance Stone Selection Box


Level 4 Honor Ring Refining Stone


Level 4 Honor Earrings Refining Stone


Large Rune Powder Pouch


Luminus Battle Support Box


Level 3 Runestone Selection Chest



  • The cooldown time of HP Recovery Potions has been adjusted from 25s to 1s.

  • The Clan War matchmaker will now also match clans of the same Realm.

  • Memories of the Moment can now be put in storage, sold, or listed in the Marketplace.

  • Memories of the Moment has been removed from the Lv. 45 Growth Box, and replaced with [Bind] Moment of the Steal Selection Box.

  • Fixed an issue where the "5 Honor Points" icon appeared incorrectly.

  • Locking Random Effects for Legendary grade equipment during rerolls will now require a character level of 45 or above.

  • You can no longer lock equipment while the following windows are active:

    • Enhance Equipment

    • Reroll Runestone Slots

    • Register Item to the Marketplace

    • Shop UI

  • The Traces of a Curse boss will now recognize and attack you during combat even if you use Stealth.

  • The rewards for the quests [Equipment Upgrade] Equipment's Dormant Potential and [Breakthrough Equipment] Stone with Moment of the Steal have been removed. You can no longer accept these quests.

  • The appearance of previously distributed Mana Awakening season weapon rewards has been changed.

    • The previous appearance used was identical to the Pre-Order weapon skins, which was not intentional. We apologize for the concern this error has caused.

  • Greed Arena allows both Solo and Party matchmaking. This is a correction note due to the previously wrong information shared.

  • Memories of the Moment, Soul Stone Boxes, and Chaos Fortress Victory/Battle Boxes have been changed to Tradeable.

Class Balance


  • Slightly decreased Magic DMG taken and PvP DMG taken.

  • Spin Leap Strike's Berserk effect:

    • Increased ATK SPD per stack from 10% to 17%.

    • Increased MOV SPD while Berserk is active from 30 to 70.

  • Justice:

    • Power 200 → 450.

    • Removed Transcend effect.

    • Added Bullseye effect.

    • Added Airborne effect when Explosive Justice hits.

  • Berserk Smash:

    • Removed Focus effect.

    • Added Splinter effect.

  • Cyclone:

    • Power 105 → 126



  • Slightly decreased PvP DMG taken.

  • Displacing Spirit Bird:

    • Healing Power 224 → 336.

    • Cooldown 25s → 18s.



  • Fixed an issue where no additional Brand was generated when using Charged Obliteration while having 5 Brands.



  • Slightly decreased PvP DMG dealt.

  • Displacing Arced Mortar:

    • Decreased Energy Consumption by 20%.

  • Archer Mortar:

    • Energy will now only be consumed when projectiles are fired.



  • Altered Windstorm Cleave:

    • Decreased HP consumption from 5% → 3%.

  • Art of Fencing:

    • Decreased HP consumption from 3% → 2%.

  • Bloody Ruin:

    • Decreased HP consumption from 5% → 3%.

  • Bloody Pyre:

    • Decreased HP consumption from 15% → 10%.

  • Fixed an issue where the skill effect of Expiration looked awkward when moving close to the hit target.



  • Slightly decreased PvP DMG dealt.

  • Snipe’s cooldown timer will now start from the point the skill ends.

  • Fixed an issue where Rapidfire's skill sound effect was low compared to other skills.

  • Fixed Rapidfire's skill motion to match its sound effect.

  • Fixed an issue where the skill effect of Judgment of Light did not disappear when the character was far away.


Soul Stone Slot Unlock Stone

  • You can now unlock Soul Stone slots for your equipment through the use of Soul Stone Slot Unlock Stones.

  • The number of stones required will differ according to your equipment grade.


Stones Required

Gold Required







  • The Soul Stone slot will disappear upon upgrading/succeeding equipment.

  • Soul Stone Slot Unlock Stones can be obtained from the following RvR content:

    • Locked Supply Boxes

    • Crashed Transport Ships

  • Soul Stone Artisans will now be found in Footholds.


Dimensional Portal 

  • The Dimensional Portal Entry UI will now show additional information related to what kind of content awaits beyond.

  • Exile's Isle has been adjusted.

    • Additional rewards will now be added up and appear as one value.

    • Mana EXP obtained from defeating monsters at Exile's Isle has been reduced by 50%, and Gold Acquisition by approximately 33%.

    • The Exile's Isle boss will now recognize and attack you during combat even if you use Stealth.


Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue where the Greed Arena would open at incorrect times.

    • EU: 20:00 - 00:00 CET

    • NA: 21:00 - 01:00 EST

  • Fixed an issue where the Daily Honor Point cap did not reset.

    • Reset time is 00:00 UTC

  • Fixed an issue where items were immediately listed in the Marketplace without delay.