Updates DEC 1. 2021
Patch Notes - December 1, 2021

Hey everyone,

Today we’re adding the raid we’ve previously talked about in a modified format tailored for Europe and North America. This version is classified as Stage 1 - in the short future we’ll implement the original, more difficult formats as Stage 2 & 3. We’re looking forward to seeing you clear!



  • A function has been added to invert the Y-axis of the camera.

    • The function can be enabled via Settings > Game > Controls - Camera

  • Growth Boxes have been added.

    • Only new characters can obtain these boxes.

    • The first box can be obtained and opened at Lv. 23. Opening these boxes will give you a new box of a higher level, ready to be opened at a higher level milestone.

  • The minimum level for acquiring Epic Skill Attributes has been adjusted from 30 to 20. 

  • The initial points of Mana Awakening Level 1 have been increased from 20 to 30.


New Raid: Ignous the Pyro

  • 10 players are required to enter this Dungeon.

  • Rewards can be received once a week, and will be reset every Wednesday at 9:00 UTC.

  • Entry Conditions:

    • Minimum character level 43

    • Minimum Item level 475

  • Only Assault Team Captains can apply for entry.

  • Added Achievements and Rankings related to the new raid. 



  • The Silence effect has been changed.

    • The different names for the Silence effect in the skill descriptions have been changed to all as "Silence".

    • The Silence effect has been changed so that when the Silence effect expires, you are immune to the Silence effect for 5 sec.

    • The skills affected by this change are listed below - note that the Silence effect already existed in these skills, it is not a new addition.

      • Warlord: Hammerang

      • Elementalist: Fiery Wall

      • Assassin: Shadowstep (Attribute: Fatal Shadowstep)

      • Gunner: Honing Shell, Bullet Rain (Attribute: Altered Bullet Rain) 

      • Slayer: Bloodmoon, Bloody Pyre, Storm Sword, Blade of Blood (Attribute: Unrelenting Blade of Blood), Imprint Release (Attribute: Displacing Imprint Release)

    • Mystic's Morph: the Shrink skill effect is not a Silence effect. Thus it does not provide immunity to the Silence effect for 5 seconds when the skill effect expires.

  • Mystic's Rootabyss has been modified to no longer take damage.


Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue where combat with monsters reset when boarding a Manamech in Hall of Honor.

  • Fixed an issue where the boss monster of Wailing Citadel was possible to lure to the Dungeon starting point.

  • Fixed an issue where certain Skill Attribute item names were different from the Skill Attribute names in the Skill window.

  • Fixed an issue where the icons of gestures/effects which are not attainable in were displayed. 

  • Fixed an issue where Airborne was not applied when using Combined Rootabyss. 

  • Fixed an issue where the notification message for Battlefield Matchmaking Application did not display the correct language.