Events NOV 10. 2021
Leaderboard Event

Hey everyone,

Today we’re excited to announce the beginning of an event we’ve been working on behind the scenes - the Harth Leaderboard!

Available for a limited time, all players’ points will be calculated based on a subset of tasks that they need to complete. At the end of the event period, top players will be receiving brag-worthy weapon skins while everyone above a certain point threshold will get a sweet reward.


Event Duration

November 10, 2021 (after maintenance) - November 24, 2021 (before maintenance)


Event Details

Complete the following tasks to receive points. All tasks can be completed repeatedly.

Check Leaderboards points here (login to track your own points)

Task Title

Task Description


Monster Hunter

Kill 10 monsters



Forage any field resource


Going Red

Kill a player



Complete any quest



Kill any boss-type monster



Win in 3vs3 Arena


Wanna be rich

Clear a dungeon


Extractor Master

Participate in a Clan War


For the Realm

Participate in a Realm War


Now we can finally play the game

Achieve Level 40


* [Going Red] Repeated kills of the same player do not contribute towards your point total - only one kill per enemy player daily is counted.

* [Now we can finally play the game] Characters at Level 40 or above are ineligible to complete this task. Points are attributed to characters that reach Level 40 within the event period.


[UPDATED NOV. 11] It has come to our attention that some players have been continuously speedrunning low-level dungeons to accumulate points through the Exterminator task. This method is not in the spirit of the event, and we have therefore made the following adjustment:

* [Exterminator] Repeated kills of the same boss monster will no longer count towards your point total - each different boss monster will only attribute points once per day. All existing points have been re-calculated with this rule enforced.


Event Rewards

Rewards will be distributed based on your rank at the end of the event period. The point-based reward is given to all players that reach and/or exceed the threshold.



1 - 10

Celestial Weapon Box (30 Days)
Legendary Reset Scroll Selection Box

11 - 30

Empyrean Weapon Box (30 Days)

Legendary Reset Scroll Selection Box

31 - 100

Tuxedo Cat (30 Days) Permanent

10,000 Points

Luminus Selection Box (Grade 2)

7,500 Points Epic Reset Scroll Selection Box
5,000 Points Safe Enhancement Tool x5
2,500 Points Level 4 Runestone Selection Chest
1,000 Points Large Rune Powder Pouch

*Rewards will be sent to your Web Inventory once the event concludes.


Celestial Weapons


Empyrean Weapons


Event Notice

  • Point data will be updated in short intervals but may not be perfectly accurate. A perfect synchronization will be performed daily at 02:30 UTC.

  • If you participate in the event using inappropriate methods, your reward may be canceled and/or you may be restricted from the game.

  • Kakao Games reserves the right to change or cancel the event with no prior notice. If changes are made, they will be announced on this event page.


Being our first shot at this kind of event for Elyon, we’re taking things slow. We’re eager to hear your thoughts and feedback! You can reach us out on Discord.