Announcements OCT 16. 2021
Mana Awakening & Rune Attribute Changes

Mana Awakening

With the release of Elyon finally, upon us, we wanted to let the players know of some changes that have been made since the betas. Previously various class builds relied heavily on specific attributes and imprints in the Mana Awakening Tree. With the changes made, many imprints that were used to form the identity of some class builds have been converted to Rune Attributes, while others have been removed entirely.

We understand that this may impact your class choice, so we’ve decided to give you a sneak peek into some of these changes:

  • Transcendent Imprints have been removed.
  • Transcendency Footwork has been converted to a Rune Attribute but you’ll lose the “Evade” effect while using your Shift Dash now.
  • Many Key Imprints and Mana Awakening Attributes such as Counterattack, Schemer, Ambush, Amplify, among many others have been converted to Rune Attributes.

Rune Attribute

To make room for the conversion of Mana Attributes and Imprints into Rune Attributes, some Rune Attributes have been removed or changed around.

For example, Line 6 (48 Points Line) Attributes in the Control, Awakening, and Support sections have been moved to Line 7 (88 Points Line) and now have Mana Awakening Key Imprints and Attributes in the Line 6 (48 Points Line) spots.

You may find various other imprints across the different Rune Attributes such as Elementalist Attribute being placed in Line 4 of the Assault Rune Attribute (21 Red) as well!

We understand this may take some getting used to but, we are excited to see the community create new and exciting metas across the classes with these changes! We’ll see you out there soon in the battle for Elyon!


- The Elyon Team