Announcements AUG 18. 2021
Elyon CBT2 Details


Hey everyone,


The big day is finally here - Elyon’s Second Closed Beta Test is now live! In this post we’ll be outlining information about CBT2’s game build, known issues, and features that made or didn’t make the cut.


CBT2 Game Build

As we previously mentioned, CBT2’s base version is a Korean build from early June. A variety of QoL and small adjustments have been included, along with some larger changes, more crucial for testing content.


Ruby Shop

You are now able to browse and buy cash items from the Ruby Shop. We are still monitoring it’s stability and transaction failure rate, so if you think something wrong has happened, let us know!


Rubies will be given out to everyone for free, and you can also get them through daily attendance rewards. Rubies can not be purchased during CBT2, and they will not carry over to the official game launch.



Implemented in July, Reforgery is a new character progression system that allows you to reforge your equipment into new, more powerful pieces.


24/7 Battlefields

Battlefields are now available at all times. We’ll be monitoring participation rate to figure out what’s the average matchmaking time during off-peak hours.


Marketplace Tax

The sale fee has been adjusted to 20%.


The removal of the Gear Shop, Currency, and Currency Exchange has left the game economy with a gap in gold sinking. We understand that Inflation is a natural part of the economy, it is nonetheless a high priority for us to keep it’s rate at a moderate level and prevent the value of Gold from dropping too quickly, too early.


New Luminus & Pet Systems (Partial)

While not fully ready, we would like to present you with an early version of the new Luminus and Pet systems that will be available in the EUNA version of Elyon. You can purchase Luminus from the in-game Ruby Shop with the free Rubies we will be distributing. We’re looking forward to your feedback.


What didn’t make the cut

We have unfortunately been unable to iron out all of the systems in the CBT2 build. Below you will find a list of features and content that we previously mentioned will be available in CBT2, that will actually not.


Marketplace Min & Max prices, self-adjusting price ranges

The new marketplace system is not yet ready for public use. We’ve specced-out the new implementation and reverted to the regular version.


Pet upgrade specifications

In CBT2 Pets can only be Fused with other pets of equal grade. Fusion between pets of different grades will be possible at launch.


Pet species-based buffs

The species-based buffs outlined in the Ruby Shop Introduction are not ready for CBT2 and have therefore not been implemented.


Loyalty Currency

Loyalty has not yet been implemented. We've decided to nonetheless show the "Loyalty" section of the Ruby Shop with Ruby prices instead.


Known Issues

- The Radiant Luminus Converter item tooltip mentions “The required number of Radiant Luminus Converters depends on the grade of the Luminus being converted”. This is false, and only 1 Converter item is necessary for any grade.

- Text in certain UI elements is cut off or overlaid with icons.

- The Gunner’s energy recovery skill activates the “Combination (Basics)” effect.

- The tooltip of Star’s Blessing does not mention the 15 Laurel Wreath Piece benefit. This is a text error and the item is being sent normally in your in-game mailbox.

- References to the Gear Shop may still be found in-game. The Gear Shop is removed in the EUNA version of Elyon.

- During the Clan Fortress selection period, two gold icons are displayed at the bottom of the Fortress selection UI.

- The color of the short beard of Human - Male and Elf - Male does not change.

- The greeting voiceover can not be heard when interacting with Reforge NPCs.


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