Events AUG 18. 2021
Character Customization Event

Hey everyone!


We hope you’re all excited about CBT2! This time around we’ll be hosting a character customization event where you can show off your creativity. :)


Event Duration

18 August, 2021 (Wed) - 23 August, 2021 (Mon)


Winners will be announced on 1 September, 2021 (Fri) via a separate post 


Event Details

During the event, use the Customization Gallery to Upload and Download your favourite characters. Once the event period ends, Kakao Games and Bluehole staff will pick the best character customizations and implement them in-game!


The winners are divided into two types:


Basic Appearance

Character Preset

36 Winners

60 Winners

Event Title

Legendary Sculptor

Event Title



Winners will be selected from the Top 100 list of each Race & Gender combination in the Customization Gallery. If not all winner slots are filled, non-Top 100 customizations will also be selected.


Please note that the Ein race is not included in the event!


- Basic Appearance is the default character shown in the Class Selection screen for each Class, Race, and Gender.

- Character Presets are customization presets shown in the Character Customization screen for each Race and Gender.


Event Guide

To upload your creations, follow the instructions below:


1) In the Character Selection screen, click [+] and then press [Select] on the right bottom.

2) Customize your character to the best of your ability!

3) Once you are done, click [Face Preset] →  [Open Customization Gallery][Upload]

4) Take a photo, choose a Title and Description for your creation, and then click [Register].

5) Try others’ customizations by clicking the download button!


You can access the Customization Gallery via:

- New character creation

- Craftworks Chest’s Unlimited Appearance Change

- Appearance Change Tickets


Event Notice

- By uploading your character in the Customization Gallery, you understand and agree that the rights and ownership of the character customization will automatically belong to Kakao Games Europe B.V.

- Kakao Games reserves the right to change or cancel the event with no prior notice. If changes are made, they will be announced on this event page.

- Event titles will be given on game launch and are not exclusive to this event.

- This event is subject to the General Terms of Use.